Tropical quilt styles set the mood!

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The feel of your personal space is, in large part, set by the style of your bedding. When trying to bring in that tropical feel you have many styles, colors and themes to choose from.

For a warm feel go with earthy tones of browns, khaki, coral and taupe.

Neutral colors mean that you don't have to commit to a particular color scheme opening up options for decor ideas.

Oxford stripes create a classic preppy feel appropriate for a New England seaside cottage.




If you want to make a SPLASH and grab attention then go with bright, bold colors. Red, purple and orange really heat up the feel on a cold dreary day.

Patchwork style quilts are great for creating a shadowbox feel as though precious memories have been arranged to reminisce about a long ago fun filled seaside vacation.


Blue-green hues are perfect when you need a cool breeze on a hot summer day and provide a calming feel.

Colorful multi-color designs brighten your mood on a cloudy day and add a festive element to your personal space.

Color temperature makes a huge difference in the overall feel as demonstrated by these nearly identical quilt patterns.

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