8 Gorgeous Tropical Themed Bedding Ideas for Your Beach House

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With summer in full swing you may be looking for ideas to spruce up your beach house or to transform your bedroom into a tropical oasis. If you still reminisce of fun filled summer days at the beach or your lake house you can bring back some of those memories by upgrading your personal space.

Printed quilts featuring tropical themes are an inexpensive way to dramatically change the feel of your bedroom. And, the lightweight construction of quilts provide excellent breathability, yielding perfect temperature comfort appropriate for summer.

Tropical themed quilts come in a wide array of color, patterns and style variation. And most quilts are fully reversible, typically featuring a tropical theme such as seashells, coral and other marine life on one side but are reversible to stripes or geometric patterns on the flip side. Colors and patterns of bedding can reflect your mood or set the atmosphere; calm or uplifting, cool or warm, daydreaming, somnolent, etc.

Below, we present eight gorgeous tropical quilt designs that are sure to evoke your favorite seaside or vacation memory.

#1 - Barbados


The Barbados quilt adds pizzazz and upbeat color to the room. From purple to violet, bright yellows and oranges, and fiery reds, the colors of this quilt are real attention getters. If tropical fish are not a part of the marine life ensemble you have in mind but still want the feel of a barrier reef then this quilt features starfish, conch shells, coral, a variety of seashells and more. The quilt's reverse side is a orange geometric pattern that complements the bright, bold colors of the marine life.Visually, this quilt provides a warm color temperature that's perfect to give that cozy warm feel on a dreary day.

FEATURES: hot and warm color temperatures, dazzling bright colors, invigorating and energetic, reversible

# 2 Tropical Paradise


The Tropical Paradise quilt is perfect for a wide range of decorating flexibility and options for changing the overall look of the bedroom. The contrasting bright pinks along with neutral taupe and browns against green and aquamarine colors really grab your attention. Coordinate the rest of your room by selecting any hue from the quilt and use as an accent color. This quilt reverses to an aqua blue fish scale pattern which is very appropriate for seaside themes and provides an option for a completely different feel by reversing the quilt to attain a cool color temperature.

FEATURES: soft & informal feel, mix of warm and cool color temperatures, attention grabbing, cheerful and enlivening, numerous color coordination options, reversible

#3 Channel Islands

A collage look enhances that feel of a collection of items cherished from a vacation trip to a tropical getaway. The Channel Islands design features a patchwork of marine life such as seashells and starfish in multi-color boxes plus nautical emblems and script writing reminiscent of postcards sent from a vacation trip to the Caribbean. Colors of turquoise, aqua blue, coral orange and neutral browns give this quilt a subtle nautical seaside feel. Reversible to aqua blue and white stripes, this quilt allows you to change up the look of the bedroom yielding a beachy stripe feel.

FEATURES: nautical attributes, cool and neutral color temperature, collage patchwork design, reversible

#4 Hampton


For a beachy theme, stripes are the way to go especially when you have alternating colors of blues and green such as on the Hampton quilt. This quilt is perfect for the feel of a cool breeze on a hot summer day at the beach. Bring in the sea by reversing the quilt for an array of abstract fish against an aqua blue background. Reminisce and relive those days spent with sand between your toes and those evening strolls on the boardwalk.

FEATURES: beach style striping, cool color temperature, calming, casual fun, reversible

#5 Catalina

Blow in a cool breeze on a hot summer day by going with a predominately cool color temperature such as the multi-blue vertical striping of the Catalina quilt. Stylish stripes of pale light lime green mixed in with four shades of blue add a pop of cool color to this tropical themed quilt. The tranquil feel of this quilt is enhanced by Koi fish gently swimming on the reverse side.

FEATURES: cool color temperature, calming, tranquil, reversible

#6 Aquamarine

For a tropical reef in your personal space consider a quilt pattern featuring abundance of tropical fish intermixed with coral and plant life. The Aquamarine quilt maintains a cool color temperature with multi-blue and multi-green hues against a white background. Unlike a beachy themed quilt featuring vertical color stripes this quilt utilizes horizontal quilt stitching that subtly gives more breadth to the room. The reverse side of this quilt features an informal mosaic pattern of concentric circles in similar complementary colors which provides a refreshing deviation from common practice of vertical striping.

FEATURES: cool color temperature, tropical reef feel, serene

#7 Barrier Reef

The Barrier Reef design features, well ... marine life you'd find around a tropical barrier reef. The playful colors setup an upbeat, warm and inviting feel for any seaside cottage. This quilt is nearly the same design as the Aquamarine design previously featured and demonstrates precisely how color temperature can cool or warm your personal space. With a multitude of hues this design give ample opportunity to broadly coordinate with other features of your bedroom. The reverse side of this quilt features a complimentary turquoise background with white "air bubbles" which translates into a more fun and festive feel.

FEATURES: bright & colorful, tropical fish, cheerful, festive fun

#8 Ocean Retreat

For a neutral to warm feel go no further than the Ocean Retreat quilt which features a variety of marine life to include starfish, seashells, seahorses, nautical symbols and postcard stamps. Script writing of beautiful phrases such as "travel the globe, swim the sea, visit new landscapes...", "the deepest ocean, a thousand miles of beach...", "life is an adventure..." evoke thoughts of adventurous travel. The pale red-coral, earthy browns and subtle shades of blue hues on an ivory background coordinate with everything. The quilt reverses to pale red-coral Oxford style stripes against an ivory background; a very classic look for a coastal New England feel. Ocean Retreat is perfect for setting that nautical or seaside impression in your bedroom. 

FEATURES: neutral earth tones, classic preppy feel, warm color temperature

In Summary

Tropical and beach style quilts come in all types of patterns and color temperatures that set the ambience for your personal space. Some lend themselves well to a lazy-day beachy feel, others are bright and energetic; some are calming, while others present themselves as neutral or classic. You have many choices when it comes to quilt patterns. Choose one that is right for the mood or tone you want to set. We showcased just a few of the patterns we carry and if you're looking for a different feel then please browse our selection of hundreds of tropical quilt designs.

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