Girls Just Love These Quilts and Comforters

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Girls, just like adults, want their personal space to reflect their decor tastes such that their bedroom is appealing and comfortable to them by including their favorite colors and interests. Wall colors can set the background mood for a bedrooms but in the forefront it is the quilt or comforter design that really contributes the most to the overall theme and feel. With a combination of appealing wall paint colors and the perfect bedding theme you are creating a comfort zone where she can relax since it fits her personality and interests.

In so many cases you can't go wrong with pink, purple or lavender colors.  Popular themes for girls include mythical creatures such as mermaids and unicorns or real creatures such as butterflies and horses. Older girls may appreciated a more sophisticated theme such as Paris featuring romantic city scenes.

Below, we present several bedding designs that girls just love!

#1 Mermaids

A very colorful mermaid quilt design with traditional mermaids with long flowing hair is always a hit!


Mermaid themed quilts in pastel colors, incorporating horizontal stripes and lots of pink are very popular!

A purple and aqua blue ruffle comforter ties into the mermaid theme with mermaid themed accessory pillows.

#2 Unicorns & Horses

Horses are always a hit with girls especially when in purple and lavender such as on this horse print comforter.

What's better than a lavender and blue comforter? How about when it comes with a coverlet with lavender and blue unicorns!

#3 Dancing Ballerinas

If your girl likes to dance then chances are she'll really be into this pink ballerina themed set featuring a paisley pink comforter plus a ballerina pillow and gold polka dot sheets.

This quilt set features very cute dancing ballerina dancers in pastel colors with multi-design horizontal stripes.

#4 Paris Themes

A very colorful Paris themed comforter set really brightens up the room.


Here's an example of a very pretty Paris comforter set in pastel pinks and greens which also comes with a coverlet featuring pink and green hearts.

The Butterflies in Paris comforter set features a lavender and blue color theme with pretty butterflies intermixed with postcard themed insignia and emblems reminiscent of travels to Paris.


The Traveling Girl themed quilt set is a fun design featuring the famous traveling girl who shows up at famous and fashionable places around the world such as Paris. The quilt travel themed pillows really make this set.



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